PA Consulting highlights the potential pitfalls of technology investment in drug discovery


Andrew Chadwick from PA Consulting Group - the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy - will warn pharmaceutical companies' R&D management about the perils of ill-considered technology investment, in his keynote presentation 'New Technologies: A poisoned chalice?' at SM

I's conference, High Throughput Screening, at 15:20 on 24 January 2006 in London.

Andrew, a Consultant in PA's Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice, will provide insight on how to avoid four causes of waste and disappointment when seeking to improve drug discovery productivity: HTS investments that are ill-considered, ill-timed, ill-sited and ill-sized.

The paper will review some commonly stated goals of investment in new screening technology, and will consider alternative ways of achieving the same objectives, with reference to a 'value drivers' model of the value created by the drug discovery process, the costs incurred, and the true constraints on value creation.

It will illustrate the importance of timing investments right, and of striking the right balance between global sharing and local flexibility and immediacy of response. With reference to PA's experience in modelling discovery productivity, both at the detailed level of logistics and at the strategic level of pipeline quality and value creation/value for money, Andrew will show how some of the obvious rules for facility sizing, that neglect important areas of uncertainty, lead to waste (overcapacity) or to disappointment.

This paper will be of particular value to senior discovery managers, to screening group leaders and to technology assessment specialists involved in R&D facility investment appraisal, planning, enhancement and resource allocation decisions.

In presenting the paper, Andrew will draw from 25 years' experience in commercial R&D and informatics management, technology assessment, long-range planning, quantitative decision analysis, and modelling of benefits, risk and uncertainty on behalf of many of the World's leading pharmaceutical companies.

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SMi's 4th annual Conference High Throughput Screening - the application of HTS in current and future drug discovery - 23 & 24 January 2006, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

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