'Edge of Chaos' operation as way to innovation - PA Consulting Group at FT Innovate


Paul Barrett from PA Consulting Group - the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy - will explain how stepping outside the 'control culture' often found in large, established organisations can lead to innovation success, in the panel debate 'Innovation for growth - how do you make it happen'

(15.35hrs) at the FT Innovate Summit on Tuesday, 5 December at the Radisson Mayfair Hotel in London.

The panel will explore the most current and challenging obstacles to 'innovation', which has been described by the Financial Times as 'the Holy Grail of business for the 21st Century', and will invite questions from the audience.

Paul leads the Innovation Management team at PA which works with client organisations to achieve step change in innovation performance. Paul knows the majority of these organisations undoubtedly have the potential to innovate, but that they find day-to-day challenges suppress transition to the very different leadership style, teamwork and ways of working which are essential for innovation success - a temporary pressurised state he describes as the 'Edge of Chaos' in a specific area of opportunity, from which many genuinely new ideas can emerge.

He acknowledges that the 'Edge of Chaos' can be an uncomfortable place to be, especially for large, established, risk-averse companies, which tend to operate in a 'control' culture. But he is convinced that, by purposefully working at the edge of chaos, it is possible for them to achieve breakout innovation without unacceptable risk or loss of control.

PA has a unique combination of industry expertise and engineering capability, delivering solutions for new products and processes from concept through to launch. We have dedicated international technology centres in Cambridge UK, and Princeton, NJ, USA.

PA carries out the development of award-winning products, automation and manufacturing processes, and helps clients understand and use technology more effectively within their businesses. We help organisations realize the benefits that can be delivered through innovation, and we also innovate for ourselves through PA ventures like UbiNetics, Meridica and Aegate.


4 & 5 December 2006, Radisson Edwardian Mayfair Hotel, London.

PA Consulting Group is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm. Operating worldwide in more than 35 countries, PA draws on the knowledge and experience of 3,000 people, whose skills extend from the initial generation of ideas, insights, solutions and new technology, all the way through to detailed implementation.

From the development of innovative strategies and solutions right through to their successful delivery, all of our work and support is based on deep sector insight and expertise. We work across the private and public sectors, with particular strengths in financial services, energy, life sciences and healthcare, government and public services, manufacturing, defence and telecommunications. We help our clients to design optimum strategies for growth, deliver effective IT that improves business performance, mobilise human resources, deliver complex programmes and major business transformations, and develop breakthrough products and processes through our unique applied technology capability.

As an employee-owned company, with no audit arm nor exclusive alliances with third-party vendors or service providers, we are answerable only to ourselves and our clients. This independence means the advice we give to clients, and the work we deliver, are based only on what is best for our clients' business. We will, however, work in non-exclusive alliances on specific programmes when it is in the best interests of our clients.

PA's independent, benefits-driven approach is founded on our strength in innovation, our responsiveness to our clients' needs, and our unyielding focus on delivery:

Innovation. Innovation comes in a variety of forms - in how customers' needs are identified and satisfied, in business models, in motivating and aligning staff, in the use of technology, and many more. PA has an unsurpassed track record in innovation, from developing pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting measures and wireless technologies, to helping launch an innovative online bank, to development work that is helping alleviate poverty and boost the economies of developing countries.

Responsiveness. We recognise that each client and each problem have their own challenges and issues. Our solutions are therefore tailored to our clients' specific circumstances, drawing on the deep industry insight of our consultants. Our relationships with clients are characterised by respect, flexibility and collaboration, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and the dedication of our people.

Delivery. At PA, delivering client value is ingrained in our culture. We focus on detailed implementation, with a renowned track record of delivering innovative solutions that achieve lasting change. At PA, we see projects right through to the finishing line - and beyond - delivering significant and measurable value to our clients.

PA: Innovation. Responsiveness. Delivery.


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