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PA Consulting Group, the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy, is adding product and process engineering skills to its consultancy offering in Bangalore, reflecting the region's rapid economic growth,

increasing presence of global companies and dramatic expansion of an educated labour market.

In doing so, PA will take advantage of the expanding Indian labour market (there are currently over 10m students in Indian higher education) and economy (currently growing at an estimated 7.9% per annum) to bolster its resources on its UK and USA-based product and process engineering assignments, to provide the expertise locally for pharmaceutical, electrical, electronic and other consumer product manufacturers based in the Asian region, and to help support PA's expanding technology ventures program.

PA combines industry expertise, breakout innovation and engineering capability, delivering solutions for new products and processes from concept through to launch. PA carries out the development of award-winning products, automation and manufacturing processes, and helps clients understand and use technology more effectively within their businesses.

Its core technology teams are based at the company's Cambridge Technology Centre in the UK and Princeton New Jersey. This expansion into Bangalore will add a third centre from which PA can deliver product & process design and development services.

PA Consulting Group

At PA Consulting Group, we transform the performance of organisations.

We put together teams from many disciplines and backgrounds to tackle the most complex problems facing our clients, working with leaders and their staff to turn around organisations in the private and public sectors. Clients call on us when they want:

  • an innovative solution: counter-intuitive thinking and groundbreaking solutions

  • a highly responsive approach: we listen, and then we act decisively and quickly

  • delivery of hard results: we get the job done, often trouble-shooting where previous initiatives have failed.

    We are an independent, employee-owned, global firm of 3,000 talented individuals, operating from offices across the world, in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania. We have won numerous awards for delivering complex and highly innovative assignments, run one of the most successful venture programmes in our industry, have technology development capability that few firms can match, deep expertise across key industries and government, and a unique breadth of skills from strategy to IT to HR to applied technology.

    defence energy financial services government and public services international development life sciences and healthcare manufacturing postal services retail telecommunications transportation strategic management innovation and technology IT operational improvement

    human resources complex programme delivery

    Delivering business transformation


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