Ubisense location system protects engineers in radioactive environment


A Ubisense precise realtime location system has been installed in a production facility at British Nuclear Group Sellafield, to protect decommissioning engineers in the radioactive environment.

Following extensive trials and testing of a combined location and radiation dosimeter system developed by BIL Solutions, the system has been put into production use in a live nuclear facility.

The solution has been developed by BIL Solutions and allows engineers to manage their exposure to radiation as they work in operational nuclear plant, and is believed to be the only installation of its kind in the world.

The solution has been built using the Ubisense precise realtime location platform, which is capable of locating people and assets to within 15cm in 3D and is rapidly becoming the location platform of choice for complex environments where reliability of a location is mission critical and key to the systems operation.

Over 160 installations of the system have been made worldwide in the two years since its launch and the system has been embedded into a wide range of solutions such as the one developed by BIL Solutions.

'Our expectations set at the beginning of testing have been met', said Karl Hughes, Programme Manager at BIL Solutions,

'and that gave us the confidence to move the system into a mission critical production environment'.

'The nuclear industry is renowned for its thorough testing and for the quality control procedures that it follows', said Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense, ' so we are more than pleased that the system has shown itself to be a reliable component of the BIL Solutions' solution'

About BIL Solutions

BIL Solutions is the specialist business within the BNFL Group that is focused on the design and application of detection, monitoring and measurement instrumentation and services to support nuclear, defence, civil, environmental and industrial sectors. With over 40 years of operational experience BIL Solutions provides proven capability and comprehensive resources to support customers across a wide range of activities embracing standard and custom-designed instrumentation, plant-integrated systems, consultancy, project management and field-based or in-house specialist services. www.bilsolutions.com

About Ubisense

Ubisense is the market leading RTLS (Realtime Location System) vendor based on UWB (Ultrawide band) technology delivering a highly scalable and reliable precise realtime location platform that is being deployed in mission critical applications around the world.


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