Ubisense and Salem Automation enter a strategic partnership


Salem Automation has chosen to integrate the Ubisense precise real time location platform into its range of mission critical applications developed for the process industries.

Salem found that following evaluation of alternative systems, none met the accuracy or reliability that their customers demanded for use in Wide Plant onshore applications. Ubisense is able to deliver reliable 15cm accuracy in real time unlike many other offerings based on Wifi or RFID that were unable to deliver the location accuracies required in the developing personnel location applications market.

With its substantial experience designing and engineering plant-wide, computer based safety and control systems for industry and the world's major oil and gas producers, Salem Automation has designed and developed a unique, flexible personnel tracking and administration system for the offshore environment - Salem S3PT.

The powerful, user-configurable system, which operates across any configuration of platforms to precisely determine identities and numbers of personnel within different platform areas, also interfaces with shore-based heliports and platform administration systems to confirm personnel / freight manifests aboard scheduled helicopter flights to and from platform.

'The choice of the right partner is critical to being able to satisfy our customers with robust, reliable systems that they have come to expect from Salem', says Alan Pearson, Sales Director of Salem Automation.

'We are very proud to be working with an acknowledged leader in the field', says Roby Peeters, Sales Director of Ubisense,' this will provide operators in the process industries an unrivalled solution for personnel location'

About Salem

Salem Automation is the leading system integration company specialising in the design and supply of SCADA and PLC control systems, Safety systems, DCS integration and Personnel Location and logistics systems.

About Ubisense

Ubisense is the market leading RTLS (Realtime Location System) vendor based on UWB (Ultrawide band) technology delivering a highly scalable and reliable precise realtime location platform that is being deployed in mission critical applications around the world.



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