Former Euro MP calls for a single currency


Former MEP for the region Sir Fred Catherwood delivered a strong pro-euro message to members of the Cambridge Europe & Technology Club at the 10th anniversary dinner at Wolfson College.

Sir Fred, who was also chief executive of construction giant Costain and chairman of the British Overseas Trade Board, said: 'We need a single market and a single currency.'

He went on to praise the club: 'You have done a great deal for Cambridge and for employment. A lot of people have tried to achieve what you have but have failed.'

Roy Cuthbert, club chairman, who is managing director of hydraulic components manufacturer Webtec at St Ives, said: 'It is easy to fill a meeting room in Cambridge if the subject is business or science or technology, but difficult to fill it if the subject is Europe.

'We ignore Europe at our peril. I run a small manufacturing company and we have noticed the way customers are dwindling away to other parts of Europe.'

Mr Cuthbert said that belonging to the CETC had brought many benefits, not least pointing members in the direction of grants and awards.


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