PA Consulting Group outlines 'point of dispensing' prescription authentication technology...


Rob Whewell from PA Consulting Group, the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy, will explain how existing technologies and distribution models can be configured to allow 'prescription authentication at point of dispensing' in a paper to be given at Management Forum's

Pharmaceutical Fraud & Counterfeiting in London on 29 January 2004 (3.30pm).

Given the escalation of counterfeiting and fraudulent drug supply in the most sophisticated markets, the increases in cross border trade and the accession of 10 markets into the EU on 1 May 2004, there is increasing concern that counterfeit pharmaceutical products are entering the distribution chain and potentially causing injury to patients.

The paper will outline how approved manufacturers, distributors and traders can ensure the authentication of their prescription products at point of dispensing, securing patient safety. It will be of interest to anyone concerned about anticounterfeit drug measures.

It will also be of interest to regulatory bodies and re-imbursement authorities who will benefit significantly as the 'point of dispensing' authentication process becomes established and aligns with their electronic agendas.

Rob, who is a Consultant in Life Sciences and Healthcare at PA's Cambridge Technology Centre in the UK, and has extensive insight into supply chain issues and the current pressures facing the pharmaceutical industry, will also be chairing the day.

PA Consulting Group has expertise in strategic alliance management and partnering; commercial strategy; R&D performance improvement; manufacturing and operational excellence; and technology assessment, as well as in process and product development for pharmaceutical companies, medical device and biotechnology companies and business across the life science value chain. Its technology expertise allied to pharmaceutical industry insight enables it to deliver innovative solutions for business advantage.

Management Forum - Pharmaceutical Fraud and Counterfeiting, Harrington Hall Hotel, 5-25 Harrington Gardens, South Kensington, London 29 January 2004.

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