Prince Philip at Cambridge


The Duke of Edinburgh today begins a two day visit to Cambridge in his role as Chancellor of the University.

He will be undertaking a tour of the departments which has become an annual tradition since he was installed as Chancellor in 1976.

This year he will also have the chance to examine the work of the University's Estate Management and Building Service in looking after the institution's accommodation and grounds.

It's also responsible for managing the current 528 million programme of building projects which represent the greatest period of expansion in the University's 792-year history.

Tomorrow (Friday) Prince Philip will take charge of the annual honorary degree ceremony, giving the prestigious awards to eight eminent individuals who this year include the writer Margaret Atwood and test tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards.


The University of Cambridge is acknowledged as one of the world's leading higher education and research institutions. The University was instrumental in the formation of the Cambridge Network and its Vice- Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, is also the President of the Cambridge Network.

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