Cambridge University axes languages


A Cambridge University don has slammed a decision by bosses to axe Polish and Hungarian from its degree courses.

George Gomori, 67, is furious about the decision to drop his subject when he retires this year.

Three years ago the university axed Czech and Slovak and Serbo Croat was dropped many years earlier.

It means that the only Slavonic language undergraduates can read at Cambridge is Russian.

'I think this is a scandal,' said Mr Gomori, who has lectured in Slavonic Studies at the University for more than 30 years.

'Where else could you find these subjects if not, according to common belief, at one of the best universities in the country?

'I have been fighting for three years to save Polish and Hungarian without success. Many people are very sad about this,' added Hungarian- born Mr Gomori, a fellow of Darwin College.

He warned that it was short-sighted to axe the languages when the countries which spoke them were coming into the EU.

The university is blaming funding problems for dropping the subjects.

Chairman of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages Dr David Houlton said: 'We are, of course, sad that we do not have the staffing resources to continue teaching Polish and Hungarian to degree level.

'The loss has to be seen in the context of static or even diminishing funding. When a post falls vacant it is evaluated against other pressing needs.'


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