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Great news you’ve landed yourself a new job! Exciting times ahead, however it is likely you are nervous of the unknown. Here are 5 tips to help you settle into a new role.

With the pressures of new-job nerves whilst wanting to prove to your boss that they have made the right decision, a new job can seem quite daunting. Use these easy tips to help make starting a new job more enjoyable.


Prior to your start date take some time to research the company’s products/services. This will help you to have a better understanding of the business and will put you at ease, especially if your role is directly associated with the products/services. In many instances your induction will include an overview of their offering, however to mention you have done some prior research will only impress your employer.

Get to know your team

Find out how the all important tea/coffee rota operates in the business. Offer to make a round for your colleagues, this can be a conversation starter in itself. Furthermore, try not to hide away on your lunch break by sitting at your desk. If there’s a break out area, spend your first week in there. This will help you start conversations to get to know your colleagues, and it is more than likely your colleagues will take this time to make an effort to get to know you.

Avoid complaining

Remember your boss will have a close eye on your throughout your first couple of weeks. The last thing they want to hear is negativity from you moaning or complaining. This will only make a bad impression and might give off that you are not enjoying the role. It is best to keep any negativity to yourself whilst you are still settling in, if you find aspects of the role you do not like so much, wait until your review meeting to discuss these professionally with your employer.

Be early/work late

Just because everyone else has run out of the office at 5 on the dot, do not copy them! As mentioned previously, your employer will have a closer eye on you than anyone else within your first couple of weeks therefore leaving 5 minutes later than everyone else will show your commitment to the job. Always leave plenty of time in the morning to get in to the office early, especially on your first day. Being late is more times than not inexcusable, and could show a lack of commitment.

Don’t expect to know everything

No one is going to expect you to know everything about the business or how your role operates – these things take time! Do not be afraid to ask questions, in fact your boss is likely to expect you to ask questions to show you are engaging with the work they’ve given you and it will also show your confidence. If you feel you are struggling, instead of feeling isolated, approach relevant colleagues or your boss for help.

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