credit360 client website wins Canadian innovation award


credit360's client, The Resort Municipality of Whistler, were recently awarded the Willis Award for innovation from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators. This award is presented annually to municipalities demonstrating exceptional innovation and meritorious initiative.

Whistler 2020 Explorer ( was developed in 2006, integrating the extensive work and data that had been developed and collected over the four-year development of Whistler2020 and the related monitoring program. Partner organizations may also access the site to update their information, making Whistler2020 a truly transparent and accountable process.

Highlights of the website include the community monitoring report, updated next month with 2006 statistics, the explorer tool that allows users to manoeuver between the vision, implementation strategies, on-the-ground actions and current monitoring results, relating action to policy to impact, an action browser that enables users to review the current status for all 2005, 2006 and 2007 community task force recommended actions, and a growing collection of sustainability-based tools such as the new municipal sustainable purchasing guidelines, carbon offset tools, and other compilations of tourism sector best practices.


Informed by Whistler2020 participants, the website was sponsored by the Resort Municipality of Whistler both as a communications tool and as an efficiency initiative to simplify ongoing monitoring within the resort community. It was developed in collaboration with credit360, a leading UK-based company that designs web-based data management and communication systems around sustainability.

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