CellCentric Limited hits key milestone


CellCentric Limited, the epigenetics company, hits funding milestone with new intellectual property agreements.

CellCentric Limited, the epigenetics company, has signed a series of new IP agreements with major institutions, including the prestigious University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center; to trigger the final tranche of funding from the Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds. 
Founded on an IP relationship with Prof Azim Surani at the University of Cambridge, CellCentric has managed to expand its discovery base to include a significant proportion of the world leading researchers and clinicians in this highly important space.
The company works through a hub and spoke network of interaction with its partner Principal Investigators. In collaboration with this network CellCentric is able to help identify and prioritise the best scientific opportunities for commercial development; specifically novel targets-ligands, functional screens and modulatory factors.
Epigenetics is a rapidly emerging field and intensive research in this area is set to provide innovative targets for drug discovery and novel approaches to therapeutics. Epigenetic approaches to cancer are already providing to have significant clinical value. 
Further information:
Contact: Will West +44 1799 531 130 +44 7909 547 950
For further information on CellCentric and epigenetics, see www.cellcentric.com
Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds
The Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds provides funding for early stage businesses that have been founded by researchers at the University of Cambridge. It was established in 2000 with start up funds from the University, the Wellcome Trust, the Gatsby Foundation and the Office of Science & Technology. It is part of Cambridge Enterprise Limited.
Cambridge Enterprise facilitates the commercial development of intellectual property (IP) developed at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Enterprise is one of the United Kingdom’s leading knowledge transfer offices, licensing patents and other IP to existing companies, both large and small as well as to spinouts formed to exploit University technology. For the academic year ending 2006, 61 licences were entered into and income from licensing exceeded £3.3 million. Additionally consultancy agreements generated £2.9 million.
Working together with angels, venture capital funds, University staff and students, Cambridge Enterprise facilitates the formation of around thirty new companies each year (about five of which are based on University-owned intellectual property).
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