PA Consulting speeds time-to-market for wireless dual-tilt base station antenna system


PA Consulting Group, the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy, has helped Quintel Technology Ltd to launch an innovative dual-tilt base station antenna system.

PA Consulting Group speeds time-to-market for wireless dual-tilt base station antenna system through the fast track development of RF Receive PCB

PA Consulting Group, the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy, has helped Quintel Technology Ltd to launch an innovative dual-tilt base station antenna system. PA accelerated the development process by completing design, prototyping, and testing of the RF Receive PCB and mechanical control assembly associated with the antenna system in less than six months.

Independent variable downtilt control per Radio Access Technology

The cellular industry has accepted that Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) provides a powerful way of optimising performance by adapting the radiated antenna patterns of a network of sites to maximise traffic, coverage, and minimize interference. The Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) control protocol permits remote control of antenna tilt in the field without on-site intervention, and Quintel devised a novel way to support multiple different radio access technologies which are in the same spectrum band but require different tilt optimisation requirements (e.g. GSM1900 and UMTS1900), via a conventionally sized antenna panel solution, and the re-use of existing rigged feeder cables at site.

Use of proven, fast-track PA methods

As part of the overall product, Quintel asked PA to help with the design and development of the Quintel antenna system’s RF Receive PCB. PA engineers worked from Quintel’s initial specification to design a PCB which was prototyped, tested and deployed in field trials in less than six months.

PA methods included:

• System level design and analysis, in parallel with component cost analysis and software/hardware architectural design.

• ‘Connect and Go’ rapid RF prototyping to quickly evaluate the capabilities of key components and to remove risk prior to PCB layout.

• ‘Extreme Programming’ – a set of techniques for progressively developing embedded

software while concurrently engineering the hardware platform.

• Fast turn-around PCB design and fabrication, leading to early production grade prototypes

suitable for field trials.

• Thermal cycling and mechanical testing to prove the durability of the design.

• Joint team working, with the PA team and Quintel’s staff working on-site to rapidly address test and validation issues.

Immediate results

PA’s multidisciplinary design team – an instant design facility for Quintel - worked to a demanding specification:

• access to key technical resources

• fast results in electronic, mechanical and software issues

• a wide range of test and fabrication capabilities

• system level integration, and test facilities

• to deliver working product to a challenging timescale – just one example of PA’s ability to accelerate base station technology development

• concept-through-to-product allowing fast realization of technical trade-off and design decisions, while focusing on delivery timescales.

Lindsey R Ager, COO, Quintel Technology Ltd comments: ‘PA’s approach to this development enabled us to deliver customer trials against challenging timescales. Their active project management and effective development methodologies helped to make sure the project stayed on track and delivered the performance we needed.’

Through its wireless technology expertise PA Consulting Group provides end -to -end solutions for the wireless industry. PA’s technology-enabled consultancy solutions for 3G operators range from strategy development and business planning through to services creation, network design and roll-out management. Vendors benefit directly through PA’s services in the design of infrastructure and handset products, marketing and bidding support.

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