Network your way through the credit crunch


The ILM have selected Kate Atkin from Aspire 2 to deliver two further networking events for their members, focussing on developing meaningful relationships during the credit crunch.

Most businesses are built on personal contacts. In management networking is extremely valuable – keeping an ear to the ground, influencing the strategic aspects of the business, or maintaining and gaining new clients.  Aspire 2 has been selected to help you maximize your effectiveness at networking opportunities, brush up your networking skills, discover top tips to effective networking and get some practice mixing and mingling with other ILM members. The effective networking skills seminar is on 12 February 2009 in Milton Keynes with another event on 7th May in Leamington Spa.
Kate Atkin is an independent consultant, specialising in communication skills and management development. Once described as ‘the ultimate networker’, she will share her insights on how to get past ‘Hello’ and network effectively.
¨       What is networking?
¨       Why network
¨       Barriers to networking
¨       Tips for effective networking
By the end of the evening you’ll have had the chance to experience networking in practice and take away with five top tips for networking effectively. You’ll also receive a free copy of Kate’s book, The Confident Manager, on the night.
Kate Atkin, International Speaker, Consultant and Trainer for Aspire 2.
Speaker profile
Aspire 2 was started by Kate in September 2000 and she says over 95% of her work has come through networking and personal recommendations. In her speaking, training and coaching Kate inspires change, instils self-belief and encourages confidence; she also shares her personal experiences, bringing theory to life. In May 2007 Kate won the District Speech Evaluation Contest run by Toastmasters International – coming top in the UK & Ireland! She has been recognised as the most outstanding trainer in JCI UK in 2005, and is a world debating champion. Kate is also a published author on the subjects of confidence and networking. 
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Speaking and facilitating workshops on the impostor phenomenon / imposter syndrome, confidence and presentation skills. Both in-person and online.
For courses, workshops and coaching that help banish the imposter, build confidence, and ensure effective communication, contact Kate Atkin, inspirational speaker, facilitator and author.

Kate Atkin: Speaker (imposter syndrome) and Consultant