KISS – a brand communications agency for 2008


A new style brand communications company dedicated to giving clients the simple and cost effective approach they are increasingly looking for in the current economic climate has been set up by two ex Ware Anthony Rust (WAR) senior staff members.

Award winning Creative Director Richard Bland and Managing Director Simon Fryer decided to take advantage of the restructuring of WAR to realise their ambition to establish a communications business more in tune with the increasing requirement for intelligent, cost effective solutions and senior involvement at all levels. The result is KISS Communications, taking its name from the KISS principle of ‘Keep It Simple and Straight forward (Stupid)’. KISS plans to bring this principle to an integrated and agile brand communications service, including design, advertising, branding, pr and digital.

Says Simon Fryer: “We are dedicated to keeping it simple, consistently delivering the most distinctive and cost effective solutions, whatever the problem or opportunity. After sitting in death by PowerPoint presentations where the agency talks at the client, telling them this is about us, this is what we do, this is how we do it, we decided that there must be another way. KISS wants to get to know and understand our potential clients, their problems, what they want and how they want it without assumptions or pre-conceptions.  The client and agency can learn more from each other in a half hour conversation than trading any amount of PowerPoint slides.”

The KISS approach to creative solutions is, believes Richard Bland, just right for the current uncertain economic climate:  "The recession of the early 90s forced design and advertising agencies to produce better work, for less, faster.  The lazy, debt burdened agencies folded and the new, smaller, nimble and highly creative agencies survived and then thrived. We deliver a highly creative product and great service. We don’t profess to be the cheapest but we do offer excellent value for money.”

Richard Bland was a Creative Director and a board director at Ware Anthony Rust for 22 years. Simon Fryer has worked in senior roles in advertising, design and digital agencies in the UK and Australia for the past 20 years, most recently at Media Communications in Peterborough and Ware Anthony Rust in Cambridge.


KISS Communications is based in a former chapel in Royston and can be contacted at 0208 12345 75,,

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KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex.