Kiss Communications enlightens new software lighting innovation


Newly launched brand communications company KISS has developed a brand identity for the latest software development kit (SDK) from Cambridge-based graphics software company Geomerics.

Geomerics required a simple but distinctive brand identity for Enlighten, a SDK that can alter lighting conditions in computer games fully realistically and in real time. This meant positioning it as the market leader and developing a logo that  would need to work in a wide variety of environments from web to packaging, as well as being able to be animated for video. The result uses the three bars of the Enlighten ‘E‘ as illuminated windows recessed into a white block. The distinctive typography was recrafted to to give the finished piece a unique look.

Says Geomerics‘ Chief Operating Officer Chris Doran: KISS Communications quickly grasped our requirement and generated a range of solutions. The end solution was exactly what we were looking for and has helped us to launch the product successfully into the game development market. KISS also ensured that our tight timescales for the project did not jeopordise this important launch. “

Enlighten is being launched at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from 18-22 February by Geomerics' Chief Technology Officer, Julian Davis, Julian is one of the speakers with his session being on 'The Art and Science of Lighting'.

KISS Communications is a new style brand communications company dedicated to keeping it simple, giving clients a more agile and cost effective approach with senior involvement at all levels. It is run by ex Ware Anthony Rust senior staff members Richard Bland (Creative Director) and Simon Fryer (Managing Director).


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