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As part of a major series of programmes funded by the European GNSS Supervisory Authority, a Consortium of six European organisations - GREAT (Galileo REceiver for the mAss markeT) – will showcase research and development of enabling technologies through a PA Consulting Group one day workshop on Friday, 9 May 2008.

Galileo is Europe’s equivalent of the US GPS navigation system. It will ensure Europe’s strategic independence, enabling European companies to be involved in a growing sector of industry whose annual market could be over €200 billion in 2020 with 3 billion receivers in service.

GREAT has been set up and led by PA Consulting – the leading international management, systems and technology consultancy – from its Global Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK. The Consortium comprises five other satellite navigation organisations from across Europe: ACORDE, DLR - The German Aerospace Center, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies GmbH, Tampere University of Technology and u-blox AG.

The two year project, which is approaching completion, has been co-funded by the European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) with funding from the 6th Framework Programme of the European community for research and technological development.

The industry workshop on Friday, 9 May, to be held at PA’s Cambridge (UK) Technology Centre, will showcase the outputs of the GREAT project including novel front-end radio designs, as well as algorithms and technology to improve the reliability and accuracy of Galileo, allowing navigation technologies to be successfully used in indoor locations.

PA’s Project Manager, Graham Bell, comments: "Within the new Galileo environment high volume Mass Market Receivers are key to opening up the market for precision location services and to helping a number of suppliers move quickly towards volume supply. The GREAT Consortium has investigated technologies to exploit the characteristics of the Galileo signal to deliver real benefit to Europe’s consumer and location based services market.”

Further details of the full day workshop may be obtained from Bev Adams on +44 (0)1763 285260 (or Reg Hannam on +44 (0)1763 267 429

GREAT Consortium members:

PA Consulting Group – Consortium leader


PA is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm. Operating worldwide in more than 35 countries, PA draws on the knowledge and experience of 3,000 people, whose skills extend from the initial generation of ideas, insights, solutions and new technology, all the way through to detailed implementation.

Through its wireless technology expertise PA Consulting Group is the leading supplier of end -to -end solutions for the wireless industry. PA’s technology-led consultancy solutions for 3G operators range from strategy development and business planning through to services creation, network design and roll-out management. PA supports vendors directly through the provision of contract design of infrastructure and handset products, marketing and bidding support and infrastructure element design.

For more information please contact :

- Graham Bell DL +44 (0)1763 267325 email :

- Beverley Adams DL +44 (0)1763 285260 email:

PA Consulting Group, Cambridge Technology Centre, Melbourn, Herts. Tel +44 (0)1763 267492


ACORDE is a Spanish SME, whose main activities are system engineering, industrial prototype development and manufacturing of small and medium series. It is a very fast growing start-up, with activities in telecommunication, space and defence sectors. ACORDE staff is composed primarily of 23 electronic and telecommunication engineers, and 15 laboratory technicians and administrative personnel. In the electronic defence sector ACORDE has become one of the leaders for satellite communications.

For more information please contact :

Marco Detratti +34 942 200 923 email:


At DLR’s Institute for Communications and Navigation, new systems for radio communication and radio navigation are conceived and developed. The application environments are aeronautical and terrestrial, both for broadcasting and for point to point usage. The research in communications addresses satellite constellation design, propagation modeling, signal modulation and coding, as well as radio resource allocation. New communication services for airplanes and trains have been developed and are being demonstrated. Recent experiments using optical links provide previously unseen data rates and efficiencies to airborne platforms and satellites. Finally, new communications systems are being developed for replacing the old-fashioned communication in air-traffic management by a modern design.

Galileo is currently receiving substantial attention in Europe. The understanding and handling of major impairments to the accuracy and reliability of satellite navigation are key working areas of DLR. This includes in particular the ionospheric delay and scintillation, as well as multipath propagation. Measurements of multipath delay with the highest resolution were performed at DLR. In the area of applications, the focus is on reliability for safety of life services, comprehensible accuracy for precise positioning, as well as availability for indoor service. DLR is also strongly engaged in the validation and verification of Galileo.

For more information please contact:

- Stephan Sand DL +49 (0)8153 281464 email:

- Uwe-Carsten Fiebig DL +49 (0)8153 282835 email:

German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Communications and Navigation, Oberpfaffenhofen, 82234 Wessling, Germany

Tampere University of Technology

Tampere University of Technology specializes in the education and scientific research of technology and architecture.

TUT offers its students versatile undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education in technology and architecture. In its research, TUT produces new technological knowledge and resultant new innovations for the business world.

TUT collaborates closely with the business world by providing training and research services.

- Jari Nurmi +358 40 506 4460, e-mail:

- Heikki Hurskainen +358 3 3115 3872, e-mail:

- Simona Lohan +358 50 309 4927, e-mail:

u-blox AG

u-blox is an international company headquartered in Switzerland, with sales organizations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Founded in 1997, u-blox develops leading positioning technology and products based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for the automotive and mobile communications markets.

For more information please contact:

- Clemens Bürgi DL +41 (44) 722 74 83, e-mail:

- Georg Zur Bonsen DL +41 (44) 722 74 44, e-mail:

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