ViewRanger's GPS-triggered mobile multimedia guide brings Hadrian's Wall to life


Augmentra and collaborate to create mobile-phone gps-triggered video guides, and release the first video guide to Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail.

It is now possible to walk in the steps of Emperor Hadrian. The man who famously built a wall between the Scots and the English is the subject of a major exhibition at the British Museum. To bring the story to life a unique multimedia walking guide has been developed for the mobile phone. The Hadrian's Wall Path Mobile Video Guide is fully integrated with an 'off-road sat nav' to help visitors to see exactly where history was made.

The Mobile Video Guide results from collaboration between Augmentra Ltd, a leading innovator in mobile personal navigation software, and TVWalks, producers of DVD guides to Britain's National Trails. It includes video highlights presented by writer and broadcaster Anthony Burton, and 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey mapping along and around the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail. The GPS facility allows relevant clips to play spontaneously when the right points in the trail are reached.

Begun in AD122, Hadrian's Wall stretches from Bowness on Solway in the West to Wallsend in the East. It is a remarkable feat of engineering - the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Channel Tunnel of its day.

ViewRanger's Mobile Video Guide brings this heritage to life, by integrating video-enabled GPS waypoints into the maps, which spring to life at key locations along the trail. The clips are produced by TVWalks and are presented by Hadrian's Wall National Trail expert Anthony Burton, who gives a personal insight into the history and architecture of the Wall, provides stories of Roman life in the area, and explains the details of the scenic views to be enjoyed along the route.

In its heyday, thousands of Roman soldiers were garrisoned at Hadrian's Wall, in the turrets, milecastles and substantial forts placed at regular intervals along its length. Many of these structures survive, and Anthony Burton's explanations of the buildings give a vibrant insight into life almost two millennia ago.

When building the Wall, the Romans utilised the rugged Northumbrian and Cumbrian landscape for defensive purposes, and the countryside remains virtually unchanged, helping to transport the visitor back to an era when Britain was just a far-flung outpost of the Roman Empire.

The Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail follows the route of the wall as it wends its way across the country. The route and waypoints are clearly marked on ViewRanger's interactive map, making the trail easy to find and follow, even if you don't manage the full coast-to-coast experience. Points-of-interest along the route are also highlighted, ensuring walkers of all ages get the most out of their trip.

Video clips can be browsed, but will automatically launch as users approach a relevant location. Imagine what the Romans would have made of today's interactive GPS technology!

The ViewRanger Mobile Video Guide to the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail is the first product to offer this kind of location-based multimedia package. It is available to download for £19.99 from and

About TVWalks
TVWalks was set up by Chris Lethbridge, a Producer/Director, who has made many successful series for Discovery Channel (UK, Europe & USA), the BBC, Channel 4, and Five, focusing on the crossover between history and science. He brings his TV skills to the National Trail video guides.

About Anthony Burton
Anthony Burton is a professional writer and broadcaster and author of over twenty walking books - he has described more than 3000 miles of British footpaths, from Lands End to Orkney. He has presented a number of TV series on landscape history and is the author of the official guide to the Hadrian's Wall Path.


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