Topographic maps at your fingertips - ViewRanger now available on Nokia 5800 touch screen...


ViewRanger™, the leading personal outdoor GPS navigation software for mobile phones, is now available for the Nokia 5800 and other Symbian S60 touch screen mobile phones.

The ViewRanger application, which is popular with outdoor activity enthusiasts across Europe, takes full advantage of the touch screen to put detailed topographic maps at your fingertips and offer a simplified navigation and outdoor exploration experience.

ViewRanger is a sophisticated but easy-to-use off-road satellite navigation application that offers instant access to detailed topographic mapping across Europe along with rich content including points-of-interest and leisure route guides. Maps can be downloaded directly to the handset via WLAN or mobile internet, downloaded via the web to be side-loaded onto a handset, or are available pre-loaded on SD memory-cards.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset is a great device choice for running ViewRanger. On the high-resolution 3.2" widescreen display, ViewRanger's detailed topographic maps are shown in vibrant colour and visual clarity. The 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens is ideal for geo-recording your outdoor experiences and locating and sharing them with ViewRanger's TravelLog™ capability. With fingertip and stylus control, automatic screen rotation, and tactile feedback, the 5800 allows rapid and intuitive manipulation of the topographic map and ViewRanger's unique 3D Panoramic Viewpoint maps.

Maps can be dragged, routes and points-of-interest selected, and key features are available, literally, at your fingertips. Where ViewRanger's 3D Panorama maps are available, you can point at a landscape feature such as a hill and ViewRanger will identify and name that feature. You can then browse photos and information that other users have uploaded and associated with that feature.

Location based route search
ViewRanger has also enhanced its software to allow over-the-air access to a growing library of navigable leisure route guides. The company is partnering with content publishers to make their leisure route content available to be searched, browsed and downloaded direct to the handset. The first partner to deliver their content through this platform is who offer a library of over 4500 detailed and illustrated walking guides across the UK.

Other enhancements
Further enhancements within the software add extensions to ViewRanger's BuddyBeacon™ tracking capability. A Buddy Trail is now shown and you can set a BuddyBeacon as a your navigation target. ViewRanger has also partnered with Retrieva Tracking Ltd to allow users to track and navigate to their dogs via BuddyBeacon support for Retrieva's upcoming GPS-enabled dog collar.

Compatibility with the phone's Landmark database has also been added, so the same Landmarks can be used in both ViewRanger and road-based mapping such as Nokia Maps.

The award-winning ViewRanger personal outdoor navigation software, developed by Augmentra, is fast becoming a 'must have' item for a wide range of outdoor activity enthusiasts and weekend explorers across Europe. Detailed topographic maps, sourced from national mapping agencies, and other content is available for a growing global community including Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, parts of Italy, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland.

ViewRanger is available from and selected retailers. Over-the-Air Token Packs are available from the webshop at

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Outdooractive is the world’s leading digital platform for outdoor adventure, a virtual home for all outdoor enthusiasts. With our solutions we support people in living an active lifestyle. We encourage them to explore the great outdoors and inspire moments of connection in nature. In late 2019, Outdooractive acquired Cambridge-based ViewRanger, who had built a profitable business delivering an outdoor navigation app to a worldwide community of active consumers.