IDTechEx report investigates wireless charging


A new report from IDTechEx Research analyses and forecasts the wireless charging market for electric vehicles and small electronics.


Wireless charging of portable devices such as mobile phones and medical implants has come center stage recently. Latest mobile phones and wearable electronics use too much electricity that they typically expire before a charging station is found. Charging is then long and tedious. Cutting someone open to change their battery is grotesquely bad practice. Better batteries and energy harvesting such as solar cells have not proved adequate so ubiquitous top-up charging without plugging in is receiving eager attention. Users love it.

The new report from IDTechEx Research Wireless Charging 2016-2026: Phones & Small Electronics, Electric Cars & Other Vehicles describes the good and bad of this, including a standards battle going on and what will result.

Plug in cars are proving problematic with the dirt, weight, vandalism and delay this causes so a similar solution is arriving here too. Wireless charging of vehicles is largely being resolved into one compatible set of standards and it will be fitted on some new cars from 2017 plus buses etc.

From phones and other portable devices to cars, this is one subject. The specifications overlap in capability and leading providers of intellectual property such as Qualcomm and WiTricity span the whole capability. The report gives deep interviews recently carried out in both Europe and the USA with both of these companies and with a large number of other participants and innovators throughout the emerging value chains.

This is completely new research, as befits analysis of a topic that is now changing rapidly. It includes improvement timelines, sales over the coming decade, alternatives to current wireless charging methods and a strictly independent view of the global market. It is all here.

This unique report was almost entirely researched in 2015 in an intense travel schedule by PhD analysts. Interviews, visits, conference attendance and our 15 year experience of the subject underpin the analysis which is presented in easily understood form with detailed ten year forecasts and timelines. Original IDTechEx tables and infographics pull together this analysis. Only a global and up-to-date view makes sense in this subject as it is changing very rapidly.



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