PA Consulting examines whether the time is right for SDR in terminals


PA Consulting Group's Dr Diego Giancola will consider "Is the time right for SDR in Terminals?" in his talk at SDR Forum's European Reconfigurable Radio Technologies Workshop and Product Exposition on Thursday, 23 April (09.30 hours) in Madrid.

Dr. Giancola's presentation - part of the Reconfigurable Radio in Other Applications 1 workshop session - will be of interest to semiconductor vendors and in particular those hoping to offer platforms for use in SDR terminals. It will focus on the consumer cellular terminal market and explore what makes a compelling SDR for cellular terminals solution. Dr. Giancola will examine how SDR platform vendors should determine the right architecture, waveform combinations and solution package to build a compelling case for handset vendors to adopt their platform.

The workshop runs over 3 days at the CUZCO Hotel in Madrid.
For further info contact:
Dr. Diego Giancola  tel +44 (0)1763 267226
Beverley Adams (Marketing)  tel +44(0)1763 285260
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