Effective Networking Matters


JCI Cambridge and Aspire 2 have joined forces to present a workshop on Effective Networking. Speaker and author Kate Atkin will be giving insights into making the most of your networking opportunitites. 6pm for 6.30pm at The Ranch on Histon Road on Monday 15th June.

Kate Atkin will be giving a short workshop on Effective Networking for JCI Cambridge on 15th June at The Ranch on Histon Road in Cambridge.  It is open to anyone, just buy a drink at the bar.  Meet 6pm for 6.30pm start.

Membership of JCI Cambridge is open to those aged 18-40.


Speaking and facilitating workshops on the impostor phenomenon / imposter syndrome, confidence and presentation skills. Both in-person and online.
For courses, workshops and coaching that help banish the imposter, build confidence, and ensure effective communication, contact Kate Atkin, inspirational speaker, facilitator and author.

Kate Atkin: Speaker (imposter syndrome) and Consultant