Augmentra launches ViewRanger USA with National Geographic


Augmentra has signed a deal with National Geographic Maps that brings National Geographic's topographic mapping for the entire United States to a smartphone for the first time. The award-winning TOPO! maps are now available via ViewRanger, an easy-to-use 'off-road Sat nav' with GPS navigation and tracking features.

Augmentra, the Cambridge, UK-based mobile digital mapping and information software company, has signed a deal with National Geographic Maps that brings National Geographic's topographic mapping for the entire United States to a smartphone for the first time. The award-winning TOPO! maps are now available via ViewRanger, an easy-to-use 'off-road Sat nav' with GPS navigation and tracking features.

The deal further cements Augmentra's reputation as the leading cell phone software provider for off-road mapping, navigation and information provision. "We are delighted to partner with National Geographic to bring high-quality interactive digital maps of the United States to our ViewRanger platform," said Craig Wareham, co-founder of Augmentra.

ViewRanger has attracted a wide range of users, from dedicated sports enthusiasts and athletes, back-packers and expedition leaders, outdoor professionals and emergency rescue teams, to weekend ramblers who want a different walk for a Sunday afternoon.

Dan Ortiz, Vice President, Products, Marketing & Operations, National Geographic Maps, said: "This is the first time that National Geographic topographic mapping has been available on a smartphone. ViewRanger USA users will be able to access the maps they need, when they need them."

Content licensing is an integral part of National Geographic's mobile strategy. In addition to National Geographic Maps making its award-winning topographic maps available to ViewRanger USA users, National Geographic's Mobile division is currently working to leverage National Geographic's considerable assets and bring compelling video, images and sounds to a new digital platform.

"Map content is a key component of our mobile strategy and we are pleased to offer our high-quality topographic maps to a new and expanding audience via the ViewRanger application," said Aaron Kohn, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development, and General Manager of National Geographic's Mobile group.

The award-winning ViewRanger software enables maps plus multimedia content such as geotagged notes, photos, audio and video to be stored on a user's cell phone for use in the remotest location or held on a server for over-the-air access via mobile Internet or WiFi.

Routes can be planned, plotted and then navigated on the phone. Additional features like the BuddyBeacon live tracking system and a sports computer are also included.

"ViewRanger users can select specific areas of National Geographic maps and then download them direct to their mobile phones. GPS-enabled handsets show a dynamic map display with the user's location clearly marked. Easy download of maps and data over-the-air will allow users to access content instantly, wherever they may be," said Wareham.

ViewRanger software has already become a 'must have' for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts across Europe. In addition to U.S. maps, users can obtain mapping for Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, parts of Italy, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Augmentra's partners include the UK Ordnance Survey, The National Land Survey of Finland, Ordnance Survey Ireland and the Automobile Association. Its ViewRanger product won the British Computer Society Innovation Award 2008 and was selected by Symbian as a 'Cool App'. The company is continuously developing its underlying technology platform and is extending its range of content partners internationally.

ViewRanger is compatible with Symbian handsets, including Nokia's latest touchscreen models and phones manufactured by Samsung and LG. 

About ViewRanger

ViewRanger is an award-winning off-road Sat nav application developed by Augmentra. It plots your position and updates the on-screen map automatically as you travel. Velocity and direction are shown on the moving map display, and your current location's grid reference is displayed at the top of the screen.

ViewRanger USA brings digital National Geographic topographic maps directly to your cell phone. Maps are available at 1:24,000, 1:100,000 and 1:500,000 scales. Users choose the areas they require and download instantly, all from their cell phone.

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About National Geographic Ventures

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