About the bombs and the bees


A portable explosives detector using live honeybees - a device designed and built by Panchromos for its client Inscentinel Ltd - was featured in a page 3 article in the 'Daily Telegraph' last week (30 September).

Over the past year Panchromos has been working with Harpenden-based Inscentinel Ltd to design and build a trace vapour detection instrument that uses live honeybees as smell sensors.

Honeybees have a very keen sense of smell and can be conditioned to exhibit a proboscis extension reflex if the detect very low concentrations of very specific compounds.

Recent tests done by the Home Office have shown the bee-based VASOR136 instrument to be more sensitive then commercially available hand-held devices. The full Telegraph article is reproduced in this blog post - the link at the bottom of the post leads to an interesting picture series. There's also a case study on our the Panchromos site.

Marc Bax, Panchromos Limited


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