TeraHertz imaging for private 'go:no-go' explosives body scanning


There's a rush to adopt full body scanning in airports worldwide to reduce the terror threat from explosive devices carried on the body. TeraView, a UK company and TTP Venture Managers investee, is well placed to offer an alternative, better-suited scanner solution.

TeraView uses TeraHertz signals to eliminate privacy invasion

TeraHertz scanning offers some real advantages over traditional X-Rays and millimetre wave technology because it is particularly sensitive to certain substances. It enhances the contrast of the images it generates to quickly and simply highlight explosives (including PETN) on the body amongst clothing and other obstacles. This feature eliminates the invasion of passenger privacy, already cited as a major issue by civil liberties groups and government bodies around the world, because the 'low interest' aspects of images are not exposed in fine detail.

Furthermore the scanning process can be fully automated, removing the need for operator assistance/training/cost and errors. Automation obviously cuts the cost of deployment and operation while accelerating passenger throughput.

TeraView has a document available summarising the benefits of its TeraHertz approach.

The TeraView technical team led by Sir Michael Pepper and Dr Don Arnone, is based in Cambridge UK, and is happy to explain some of the current developments in US and Europe or explain TeraHertz technology and its planned deployments.

For more information about TTP Ventures' relationship with TeraView please go here.

Further details:  www.teraview.com


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