Pro bono: ‘We didn’t want to just turn up with an army of people to paint something’


PA’s Hakim Yadi, a healthcare technology expert, is featured in an article on pro bono work in the Financial Times Business of Consulting special report. The article looks at the pro bono work undertaken by management consultancies and considers how individual consultants have benefited from getting involved.

Sarah Murray
Financial Times
17 November 2011

Hakim worked as project manager on a pro bono assignment with Cancer Research UK. The project is to develop cost effective tests for patients with cancer and to produce research data allowing the development of personalised medicines.

To execute the project, a diverse team of consultants were drawn from the company’s government and project management teams, as well as from the technology and innovation practices.

“I knew people in each of these departments but not these particular individuals,” says Mr Yadi. “So this was a new team that wouldn’t necessarily have been brought together otherwise.”

Hakim also comments on how this pro bono meant he worked with a very different client from those he would encounter in his day-to-day jobs: “The charity sector works very differently from the private sector … It was interesting being exposed to a new type of organisation and the way they work.”

You can read the article in full here.



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