De-stressing at the end of Cambridge Awards Week


Cambridge Awards Week came to an end with a corporate de-stress workshop at Camyoga last Friday (23 March).

Led by Camyoga’s Louise Lloyd,  the workshop was about helping participants bring about positive change in both individual well-being and interactions with others, including techniques to improve employee relationships, improve health and wellbeing, and reduce stress levels in the workplace.

Explains Camyoga founder Louise Palmer-Masterton: “There is a growing body of evidence to support that alleviating stress in the workplace can strengthen a team’s relationships, improve employee happiness and productivity, reduce stress levels in the workplace and even improve absenteeism, which is why we’re now offering corporate de-stress days.”

Business people have been a fixture of Camyoga since it opened, many taking advantage of the early morning classes from 6.30am. For those who can’t make the studio,Camyoga has also introduced yoga in the workplace in the early mornings, lunchtime, or early evening.

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