Deyton Bell announce launch of Transatlantic Business Hub


Deyton Bell, the economic, commercial and business development specialists, announce the launch of the Transatlantic Business Hub.

Building on the overwhelming success of the annual Transatlantic Business Forum, another key Deyton Bell initiative, the Transatlantic Business Hub aims to help organisations considering, exploring or developing transatlantic opportunities. Based at Deyton Bell’s Cambridge offices, the Transatlantic Business Hub will offer a comprehensive range of support and services to organisations on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Transatlantic Business Hub will provide information, advice and guidance, support and practical help, a comprehensive range of services, and connectivity to partners who are also able to assist with transatlantic issues. A full range of strategic and tactical market development services will be available, and as the Hub will by its very nature be at the centre of the fast moving world of transatlantic business, it will also seek to work in partnership with other organisations who may be able to bring added value to the initiative.

The launch of the Transatlantic Business Hub is the latest in a series of key moves from the Deyton Bell team who have been responsible for numerous transatlantic commercial, business development, export driven and inward investment related initiatives to date. They are particularly well known for the highly successful Transatlantic Business Forum they host annually and the other key transatlantic activities they support.

Deyton Bell have already successfully built numerous important bridges across the Atlantic. They have successfully developed relationships with National, Federal, State, County, Regional and City Government agencies, regional business groups, key professional advisors and businesses across every part of the UK, US and Canada. Deyton Bell’s position has been further strengthened by inclusion on the panel of business service providers offered by the US Commercial Service to American organisations exploring UK opportunities, and on the list of service providers offered by the Canadian Trade Service to Canadian organisations exploring the UK.

Deyton Bell Managing Director Chris Parkhouse (pictured) said “The launch of the Transatlantic Business Hub is great news and represents another milestone for Deyton Bell. We invite any organisation exploring or developing transatlantic issues and seeking information, advice, support and contacts to get in touch with us so we can explore how we can help. We’d also like to hear from organisations interested in working in partnership with ourselves as we develop the hub further. Opportunities are huge and the development of the Transatlantic Business Hub aims to stimulate, support and serve those involved with transatlantic commercial activity.”

The Transatlantic Business Hub is now available to private and public sector organisations from both sides of the Atlantic. Organisations seeking to work in partnership with the Transatlantic Business Hub should contact Deyton Bell.

For details please contact Deyton Bell on + 44-(0)-1223-873033, or visit

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