Sneak a peek at the new name and brand for leading Team Challenge event organisers


When First Ascent Group, the organisers of the successful UK Team Challenge events, needed to brand their events for expansion they turned to the strategic communications agency, Peek Creative, to help them.

After running the Team Challenge event format for four years, First Ascent wanted to explore how they could develop their brand proposition to enable it to expand across Europe.

Peek facilitated a strategic workshop with the First Ascent company directors and key team players. The workshop gave everyone a chance to share knowledge and explore ideas to clarify the brand position, proposition and give birth to the new name for the event. Rumble.

Sarah-Jane White, Director at Peek, explained the brand position, "First Ascent have a great event to challenge business teams both physically and mentally all in a single day. They wanted to build a brand for this event in the UK that is known for its simple and effective training methods, personalised approach and all inclusive feel. An event that operates outdoors in the fresh air. No hotel conference room. No PowerPoint or flipcharts. Just a coaching-centric event that focuses on personal development. An event that ignites and inspires the participating teams to help them achieve their ever changing goals in business."

She continues. "Their aim is for every person participating in the event to have an enjoyable, worthwhile, memorable experience no matter what their level. "

Samantha Munns of First Ascent Group said."The workshop provided a good opportunity to stand back and really explore the brand and what it stood for. Peek offered a good balance of questions and suggestions which enabled us to achieve our objective."

The Rumble name suggested by Peek was a unanimous decision. It captures all the elements of the essence of the event and offers an excellent platform for the outbound marketing activity. Lending itself to lots of fun and guerilla tactics in the pipeline for next year's events and the name works audibly as a sonic trigger for broadcast on radio and podcasts.

Peek developed the striking six colour Rumble brand identity and applied the mark to a range of marketing and promotional materials ready for the launch.

The new brand was unveiled at this year's CambridgeTeam Challenge event which took place at Milton Country Park in May 2012.


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