Sable&Hawkes delivers thought leadership programme identity for Mills & Reeve


Foresight is a content-driven thought-leadership programme by law firm Mills & Reeve. The programme will address key issues facing clients and their businesses, the challenges they face, and offer broader commercial acumen in addition to legal expertise.


Sable&Hawkes was asked to name the initiative and create a distinctive and effective logo and overall brand identity as a vehicle to communicate both the objectives and the content, and then deliver a whitepaper and a series of infographics for fee earners to share with clients and prospects.

The identity

Sable&Hawkes' brief was to create something that was:

  • Forward-looking and insightful
  • Able to carry the key issues facing Mills & Reeves' clients
  • Carrying broader commercial content in addition to legal expertise
  • Cross sector and cross border in focus

Adrian Kimpton of Sable&Hawkes explains: "Distilling down the broader themes of the brief, we came up with a list of potential names, but eventually settled on Foresight primarily for the positive connotations around looking forward, of foreseeing, of having and projecting an insightful view of the future.

"For the launch and initial report we limited ourselves to using a simple wordmark that would begin to establish the name and give us something to build on but wouldn’t constrain us into any particular area of logo or symbol development at this early stage.

The look and the feel

"Our clients' objectives of the visual identity were:

  • To create high visual impact – a style clearly different to the main corporate style while still remaining on-brand
  • To develop specific themes and stories from within the research but present findings in bite-sized chunks and keep things simple
  • To develop a series of infographics designed around specific research-based elements of the report
  • And to encourage people to download further information from the website and subsequently share the content on social media, specifically Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +

"Our solution was based around a series of digital illustrations created in-house, and a simple bold graphic style which we used to create clear distinction between the main sections in the initial report; as well as giving us a bank of visual resources for subsequent marketing elements, animated web banners, advertising, exhibition stand etc... 

"The style was developed specifically to translate easily to online media and to sit comfortably alongside the research graphs and charts that appear throughout the report.

"The palette picks up the clients core corporate colours of purple and pink, to which we added an additional cool grey (printed as silver) to give the campaign some distinction from the corporate identity."

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