Lookout Call helps Pembroke College manage a unique set of lone working challenges


C3's latest case study looks at how Lookout Call has helped Pembroke College manage the challenges of Lone Worker safety.


Organisation Profile:

Pembroke College is one of the 31 constituent colleges which make up the University of Cambridge.

The College was founded in 1374 and today is home to over 600 students, occupying a beautiful city-centre site as well as a range of locations around the city.


Unique Challenges:

Pembroke College has been working with Lookout Call since early 2013. The College Health & Safety department became concerned about the security of staff who were called upon to work alone, either when visiting student accommodation or overnight.

Pembroke chose Lookout Call as a simple, cost-effective way to protect employees and the system was initially rolled out to the team of college Porters.

Porters have a unique, varied and challenging role which can include anything from managing the College’s Porters Lodge, helping students and the general public, to overnight site security and responding to emergencies.

Following the success of this initial deployment the college nurse was also added to the system. The College Nurse frequently visits students alone in their rooms or she travels to the college’s offsite accommodation, both of which carry with them inherent risk.


Voice Recognition:

The recent introduction of Lookout Call’s Voice Recognition functionality has proven popular with Pembroke staff who praised its simplicity and speed. Users are able to call in to a single number and access Lookout Call’s varied services via intelligent voice recognition technology.


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