Argon Design licenses Argon Streams VP9 to Renesas Electronics


Argon Design Ltd, a leading supplier of advanced video verification solutions, has signed licensing and support agreements for Argon Streams VP9 with Japanese semiconductor company Renesas Electronics Corporation.


Award winning Argon Streams ensures full conformance testing of VP9 Video Decoders.

Google’s VP9 codec standard offers higher levels of video compression than previous video codecs, particularly for high resolution video, to allow internet streaming of Ultra High Definition video content.  

Argon Streams VP9 is a set of conformance test bit-streams providing full coverage and verification of VP9 video decoders. The bit-streams are derived directly from Google’s VP9 Reference Code using the same compiler technology that was developed for Argon’s highly successful HEVC bit-streams. The process uses directed random numbers to ensure that the bit-streams provide comprehensive coverage testing of all functions, value ranges and cross coverage combinations in the VP9 specification. Argon Streams VP9 includes full support for VP9 profiles 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Hirotaka Hara, Senior Chief Professional, 1st Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation states that, “As a leading semiconductor vendor, it is critical that our designs are fully conformant with emerging video codec standards such as VP9. While searching for a conformance test solution, we recognised that Argon Streams was the only solution to guarantee full coverage testing of our video decoders“.

Alan Scott, CEO of Argon Design, adds, “We look forward to working with Renesas to help ensure that their video decoders are fully compatible with Google’s specification for VP9”.

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About Argon Design Ltd

Argon Design, based in Cambridge, UK, is a high technology consultancy with a successful track record in semiconductor design and embedded product development. With a history of complex IP and ASIC designs, including custom processors, video codecs and 2D/3D graphics engines, Argon Design has developed a video decoder verification solution called Argon Streams. Available for both the HEVC and VP9 standards, Argon Streams meets the demanding verification and test coverage needs of IP and Semiconductor developers.




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