Glaciei's advisory company Zellabox named as finalist in RBS Innovation Gateway


The Royal Bank of Scotland selects Western Australian company Zellabox as a finalist in the Innovation Gateway.


RBS has selected Zellabox as a finalist in the Innovation Gateway; a major international search for new ways of reducing energy, water and waste. Launched in March this year, the RBS Innovation Gateway attracted more than 140 submissions in just 40 days, from brand new concepts through to market-ready products and services. The ideas came from innovators and small businesses (SMEs) around Britain and the world, from Perth in Scotland to Perth in Western Australia (Zellabox).

The innovation submitted by Zellabox is the Zellabox Micro Data Centre which replaces the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ server room, it will enable RBS to securely house their branch communications and networking equipment in a flexible, robust, secure, climate controlled environment, significantly reducing energy usage, increasing branch floor space whilst protecting their data security and providing a quiet office environment for their employees. Zellabox has already sold into numerous industries globally.

Angie Keeler, COO at Zellabox said: “We are extremely delighted to be named as a finalist in the RBS Innovation Gateway. It is a real honour and fantastic endorsement for Zellabox range of Micro Data Centres. Zellabox currently has established distribution and sales channels across Australia, PNG, Singapore and in South America and is currently in negotiation with a UK distribution partner and seeking expansion into Europe.”

Angie, a recent attendee at CfEL's Ignite programme continued: “The Zellabox Micro Data Centre or MDC® is a housing unit that replicates all the capabilities of a traditional data centre on a smaller scale. It miniaturises the traditional server room into the size of an average refrigerator, offering its own cooling, security and power capabilities. By removing server rooms and installing Zellabox MDCs across the estate, RBS will not only significantly reduce operating costs and energy consumption but will also gain additional valuable floor space. We're also noticing businesses moving away from complete 'Cloud based' solution and are seeking to keep mission-critical services at their business location in a local private cloud. Zellabox is an ideal solution for business seeking to adopt this new hybrid solution where mission-critical data is stored locally and less critical data on the cloud.”

Glaciei principals Greg Riebe and Jane Garrett are advisors to Zellabox and recently joined their board of directors.



Zellabox provides a simple solution to reducing the cost of securely housing IT and communications equipment and maintaining it at optimum operating temperatures.

Zellabox’s ‘best in class’ Micro Data Centre (MDC) provides a lower cost alternative to building a server room and a much more secure, easier managed environment to housing IT equipment in a hot and dusty broom cupboard.