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For the radio show’s new season, Kiran Kapur met Dr Dave Chaffey of SMART insights to discuss content in digital marketing. Dr Chaffey is the author of five bestselling books on digital marketing and the CIM recognised him as one of 50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have helped shape the future of marketing.

This is a two part interview, and this week Dr Chaffey explains that businesses are investing more in content marketing. This has led to increased competition as more content is created, and so is competing for consumers’ attention. Dave is very clear that it costs money to create good quality content.
He recommends Social Media Examiner ( for in-depth tips and techniques. This divides content in Primary which is regular information, such as updating your customers. This is important and will create some social sharing but it won’t generate the viral interest. Emotional engagement comes from Nuclear content which surprises or delights people.  SMART insights has created a tool for measuring your content marketing matrix, which both helps marketers but also allows SMART Insights to reach new customers. He suggests that less is more, and that it is best to create one excellent or ‘Nuclear’ content weekly or monthly. On next week’s show, Dave explains how to measure the impact of the content marketing. You can find more details about Dave Chaffey and his latest thinking here.
Susannah Poulton, Culture and Language Advisor at UKTI East, discussed exporting. Seventy per cent of all businesses could export and the UKTI can help them to do so. Susannah explains the importance of understanding the culture of the international market and all marketing material, including websites, need to reflect this. For example, making sure that your website is designed with cultural understanding – for example, Japanese websites are very ‘crowded’ whereas UK websites tend to be white and with more empty space. Seventy per cent of internet searches are not done in English, so consider your international at SEO. For more information see or @UKTIEast.
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