KeyLines 3.0: Supercharge your charts with WebGL


Data Visualization firm Cambridge Intelligence has announced the release of KeyLines 3.0. The new release of the network visualization toolkit incorporates huge performance enhancements to meet the scale and complexity challenges of cyber security data.


Cyber security threat analysts worldwide are struggling to cope with the complexity of attacks as well as huge volumes of data from logs and threat alerting systems.

The latest version of the KeyLines network visualization toolkit includes substantial performance enhancements designed to help analysts overcome these problems.

KeyLines 3.0 will allow analysts to visualize more data and simultaneously reduce their critical 'time-to-insight'.

Central to the release is a new WebGL graphics rendering engine. By harnessing the processing power of a device’s GPU, KeyLines 3.0 applications can visualize up to ten-times more data than previous versions, with much improved interactivity and fluidity.

Cambridge Intelligence CEO, Joe Parry, said: “Our customers are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data visualization. In the cyber security domain, where KeyLines is becoming the ‘go-to’ technology for data visualization, we have noticed an explosion in the size of datasets our customers are trying to understand. We are excited to release KeyLines 3.0, the first network visualization technology specifically designed to deal with the size and complexity of cyber security data.”

KeyLines 3.0 comes as Cambridge Intelligence continues to see significant growth in the cyber security sector. More than 100 industry-leading brands around the world have already deployed the technology, including Intel Security (McAfee), Cisco, Symantec and several national governments.

About Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence Limited is a leading provider of visualization and analysis solutions, designed to help organizations understand their complex connected data. By combining award-winning software, unrivalled know-how and expert developer services, the company aims to make network visualization accessible and meaningful across many industries.

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