Embedded travel tracking announced with ground-breaking day to day functionality


Voyage Manager has announced today a huge leap forward in active travel tracking – embedded functionality.


Embedded functionality allows not only travel tracking of an individual anywhere, any time, and without the need for a phone or specialised device, but also boasts a host of other features guaranteed to simplify the day to day transactions that we all have to deal with in a modern society.

With one small implanted device that is run indefinitely off the energy of the cells that surround it, Voyage Manager is presenting a new vision for the future and the safety of travellers at home or abroad. Creating an electromagnetically charged ‘bubble’ around the carrier, the new VM embedded technology is not only accurate to three meters when trying to locate the subject, but it also doubles as a replacement for many other touch sensitive devices.

No longer will you need a contactless payment card to make a purchase or an Oyster card to travel on the London tube and train network. Security passes at offices will be obsolete. Voyage Manger’s embedded functionality replaces all of these cards or requirements and opens a new, barrier-free world to each user, in which their mere presence is enough. Programmed to react in the same way that a touch-based card would, the embedded technology removes the need for the plethora of cards and passes that are used in today’s corporate jungle. Certain versions are even car responsive – providing the same functions as a keyless car fob to the driver, lowering the possibility of theft.

A survey conducted by Voyage Manager recently concluded that people are much more open to constant tracking, with the recently increased levels of global threat and the added functionality that Voyage Manager’s embedded tracking can provide. Companies can easily roll out this new technology and will see a drastically increased level of safety they can provide for their staff, before the other benefits are even considered. It is therefore only a matter of time before embedded tracking is rolled out on a global scale for companies and individuals alike.

Voyage Manager CEO and founder John Scott had this to say about the new development: “Embedded tracking is something that we have been working on for some time. But it is only recently that we felt that the world was ready for it. The increased awareness of traveller safety combined with the payment and ease of passage properties of embedded tracking guarantee that this is a functional and life-changing development for anyone who decides to partake of it. We are delighted that Voyage Manager has been able to bring this to the world.”


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