HIteam CEO helps to raise money for Cancer Research UK


Can you help HIteam's CEO raise money for Cancer Research UK by sponsoring a UK team entering an international motorsport event?


Daan Schreuders of HIteam writes:

We are working towards competing in the Croatia trophy 2016, which runs from April 27 till May 5 this year. We do these type of events to please ourselves, but this time we decided to do something more.

 Who are we?

We are Mark Layzell, Steve Tull, Ken Payne and myself, Daan Schreuders.

Mark and I are co driving and driving the car, while Steve and Ken are responsible for transport of the car to Croatia and spanner crew during the event.


What are we looking to achieve?

For the Charity, we are looking for the best possible result; for this we need you. Please give what you can and forward the message as much as possible.

We will keep you updated with our progress of the event and of the charity fund.

All the proceeds that are given will go directly to the just giving account without interference of ourselves or anyone else.

We hope for the best possible outcome for the cancer research UK fund and of course the Croatia trophy.

As it is our first attempt at the event, we are really looking to finish the event, a top 10 finish would be ideal. There are many seasoned competitors with many years’ experience in Croatia, so there are some very good crews out there. Furthermore, our car is probably worth a four figure value, while we are up against cars that are worth a six figure value.  You could argue that we take a knife to a gun fight, but won’t let that dampen our spirits.


What is the Croatia Trophy?

It is an event that is open for all 4x4 cars which are prepared with a winch, a roll cage, fire extinguisher and 4 point seatbelts.

The competition website can be seen by following http://croatia-trophy.org/ct/ which will give you an idea of the type of event it is.

It is run as a special stage rally on very rough terrain over 8 days.

There is a prologue to set the starting order, then there are timed special stages with a length of 10-50 miles each on the following days.

Along the way there are many obstacles to cross like rivers, steep hills, swamps and other surprises.

The navigation is important as well as crossing all problems in the least time consuming way.

A lot of winching is required, but if you can drive instead of winch, the faster time you set. At the end of 8 days competing, the fastest combined time wins like any other motorsport event.

There are two classes, Trophy is where all the main teams play and adventure for the less extreme teams. Trophy is where we will be competing.

There currently are 30 entries in each class, coming from all over the world.

The Car

The car we use is Land rover series 3 from the outside, although underneath there is running gear from a defender/discovery.

I have tried very much to maintain the shape of the classic series 3, to make it stand out from the crowd.

The car has survived the Rainforest challenge, Malaysia in 2003 and the Ladoga Trophy, Russia in 2009. Now we decided to do another international trip with it.

I believe it will be the only car to have survived all these three events (if it survives Croatia, that is).

We will try our best to make it reach the finish.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK probably doesn’t need any special introduction. We choose this charity, as a result of the loss of family members. Mark lost his mother to cancer at the age of 17, while my much loved uncle Herman died last year from cancer.


We all know of family members, colleges or relatives who suffer or have suffered from this decease or lost the battle with it.


We thank you all in advance for any help you are able to give.


Mark - Daan - Ken and Steve

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