Indoor skydiving chief points the way to success


Guests at the Annual Dinner hosted by Cambridge Marketing College on Wednesday 13th July will hear from a guest speaker whose business is literally soaring.


Simon Ward is the Founder and CEO of Airkix Indoor Skydiving, a relatively new new type of leisure experience, which has grown from zero to 170 thousand flights a year, since launching in 2005. Now part of the US company SkyVenture, Simon will explain the factors that lie behind the success of the UK operation and provide a host of insights that will be of interest to other would-be entrepreneurs.

The Airkix story began when Simon - an experienced skydiver - was seriously injured by a colleague who landed on him after he had parachuted from a plane. Simon figured that indoor skydiving might be a lot safer way to get the same thrill.

This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Marketing College, and the 2016 Dinner is set for the evening of 13th July. As usual, the evening starts with drinks on the Backs. During the lecture, guests will have the opportunity to ask Simon questions about business issues.

Charles Nixon, Master of Cambridge Marketing College said: “We are delighted that Simon has agreed to speak at this year’s Dinner. Many of the guests will have been his customers, so the session should be a lively one.”

The Dinner is open for bookings now from the College website. 



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