Ubisense enterprise location intelligence solution further supports Airbus production


Ubisense Group plc (AIM:UBI), a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, and Airbus, are further expanding the Ubisense infrastructure in the A350 XWB Final Assembly Line (FAL), located in Toulouse, as a solution to support digitalization of its major assembly facilities in Europe.


Connecting industrial objects using RFID and Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) in the context of Internet of Things and in conjunction with Big Data are key components of the Airbus Digitalization strategy to streamline and automate industrial processes as well as improve real-time awareness along the Supply-Chain.

In 2011, Airbus deployed the Ubisense enterprise location intelligence solutions on the A350 XWB FAL to provide real-time connectivity to industrial objects and consequently greater visibility of industrial processes and applications, in particular around industrial tooling and distribution within component assembly and final assembly factories. And since then, elements of the Ubisense solution have been re-used across multiple assembly plants and multiple Airbus aircraft programmes such as the A330, A350 XWB, A380, and the A400M.

The Ubisense enterprise location intelligence solutions are now extending the existing real-time visibility solution on the A350 XWB FAL to additional areas of the FAL equipping processes in order to support the production ramp up. The system provides the capability to track and locate assets in real-time, automatically updating the ERP system with asset location and status data to improve the accuracy and timeliness of reporting as well as more granular visibility such as motion path analysis which was previously not possible manually. All relevant data is presented in geographic and/or schematic views to facilitate daily operation. Moreover, the system automatically notifies users of asset status changes and alerts users if certain issues arise. 


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