Global Regulatory Services (GRS) bridges the pond


“I am delighted to announce the formal alliance between Global Regulatory Services (GRS) and YourEncore, Inc.,” stated Bobby Deal, Managing Director of GRS. “It is a proud moment for me that we have built this ‘Bridge over the Pond’ and I’m looking forward to celebrating our successes, and those of our clients, together.”


“The life science sector is very much operating at a global level these days with many agencies following either the US or European regulatory systems (or both), so with our combined depth and breadth of knowledge in these two key markets, this alliance will be of tremendous value to our clients. Together we can fully support our clients by helping them to turn their global vision into reality.”

“YourEncore has a particularly strong presence in the US and has a deep understanding of all the nuances which others may not have. GRS, being headquartered in Cambridge (UK) naturally has solid foundations in Europe but is also strong in Rest-of-World. GRS is often described as a ‘company of connections’ and by having a formal alliance with YourEncore this will extend the depth and breadth of each company’s service offering thereby ensuring we are able to truly support our clients for the long-term.”

“By combining the strengths and unique thought processes of each organisation we will be able to provide innovative solutions to the many challenges facing the global life science industry. The opportunity for cross fertilisation of ideas between GRS and YourEncore is really exciting and no doubt, will be of tremendous value to our respective clients. These days, the outsourcing model is increasingly the model of choice for life science companies. GRS and YourEncore wish to develop this model in a unique and innovative way not only to support clients but also to support the Specialists which operate within the networks of each company.  Between us we wish to provide a support network for Specialists and Clients alike, in other words a ‘GRS-YourEncore ecosystem!’.”

If you’d like to find out more about this Alliance or how GRS and YourEncore can help you to achieve your goals, please contact


About Global Regulatory Services (GRS):
Named as “Global Leader in Life Science Regulatory Affairs” in the 2016 Business Excellence Awards, GRS is a company offering a holistic approach to the regulatory requirements of the Life Science Industry. Headquartered in the UK with a global network of regulatory professionals and specialists GRS is able to support companies with emerging, novel technologies from foods to herbals, medical devices to IVDs, pharmaceuticals to regenerative therapies and borderline medicinal products. Specialist teams have been established who have both scientific and regulatory expertise with the ability to communicate effectively with the regulatory agencies. We continually fulfil our goal of “Driving Innovation to Market Success™”. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About YourEncore
Indianapolis-based YourEncore, named a "100 Most Brilliant Company" by Entrepreneur Magazine, is a leading provider of proven expertise, delivering flexible resourcing and consulting services to the biopharma, medical devices and diagnostics and consumer goodsindustries. YourEncore mobilizes the wisdom and know-how of highly experienced, immediately effective experts to help companies outthink, outpace and outperform. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.



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Headquartered in Cambridge, Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is an award winning global consultancy offering a holistic approach to the regulatory and quality compliance requirements of the Life Science Industry.

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