FlexEnable showcases flexible fingerprint sensor in a smartcard form factor at TRUSTECH


FlexEnable, the leader in the development and industrialisation of flexible organic electronics, is to showcase a 500 dpi flexible fingerprint sensor in a smartcard form factor at TRUSTECH 2016 in Cannes next week (29 November – 1 December 2016).

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With biometric authentication becoming increasingly important for the smartcard industry, flexible fingerprint sensors open up new opportunities. Particularly in banking, using the cardholder’s fingerprint instead of or in addition to an entry pin is one of the emerging trends to improve security. This requires the integration of ultra-thin, robust and flexible sensors into payment cards.

The 500 dpi flexible optical fingerprint sensor uses high performance organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) on low cost plastics. It is the only flexible sensor technology that has achieved such high resolution. The sensor has been developed in collaboration with Grenoble-based ISORG who supplies the organic photodiodes able to capture the fingerprint, and has provided all the reading electronics and the related algorithms. The flexible fingerprint sensor can be paired with any end-user software to create an authentication device with low false acceptance and rejection rates.

As it is made of organic electronics on a plastic sheet, the 500 dpi flexible fingerprint sensor is only 0.3 mm thick, which is less than half the thickness of a smartcard (0.76 mm). This brings design and functional benefits to smartcards. As well as detecting fingerprints, the sensor can capture veins, providing a second level of security since each user’s finger vein pattern is unique and requires the user to be alive for positive detection.

Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable, said: “The flexible fingerprint sensor has been developed with several fast expanding markets in mind.  The unique features of the sensor such as its thinness, lightness and robustness make it suitable for smartcard applications, including banking, security and healthcare. We welcome collaboration with smartcard manufacturers, software developers and product designers interested in integrating this cutting-edge flexible fingerprint sensor technology into smartcards.”

Apart from the small area fingerprint sensor, FlexEnable provides large area flexible fingerprint sensors that are suitable for optical fingerprint and vein scanners for border control or applications that require multi-finger verification. These sensors are suitable for FBI certification.

FlexEnable will be showing the 500 dpi flexible fingerprint sensor demo at TRUSTECH, Cannes, France between 29 November – 1 December 2016.


About FlexEnable

FlexEnable has pioneered the world’s first flexible electronics technology platform that allows electronics made of organic materials to be manufactured on flexible plastic film, the thickness of a sheet of paper. Compatible with existing manufacturing lines, it’s the key to truly flexible and cost effective electronics over large and small surfaces. The core applications of this technology are glass-free, flexible displays and sensors that enable game-changing products across a variety of industries including consumer electronics, mobile, wearables, automotive, medical and security. FlexEnable’s customers include OEMs, component manufacturers and materials suppliers. The company offers a comprehensive range of services-based packages for its technology platform including: ProductEnable™, MaterialsEnable™ and FabEnable™. www.flexenable.com

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FlexEnable’s award-winning organic electronics platform and high-performance OTFT materials enable low cost, glass-free flexible displays, sensors and optics that can be conformed and shaped to almost any surface.