From start up to scale up - the importance of culture


Arcus Global is delighted to be sponsoring Cambridge Network’s Candidate Recruitment Evening tomorrow (Tuesday November 29th). Denis Kaminskiy, CEO, is the keynote speaker and will discuss the importance of culture in starting and scaling up a business, drawing on his own experience.

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Arcus Global was started in 2009 with the vision of creating a business that would be the perfect place where founders Denis Kaminskiy and Lars Malmqvist would want to work.  Since 2009, Denis and Lars have grown the company to over 100 staff, who share the enjoyment of  working in a creative,fast moving and supportive environment. Arcus believes that the culture that Denis and Lars have carefully nurtured is key to its success.

So what does Arcus do?  The company says: "We offer Cloud based solutions that enable key services such as waste management, environmental services, and social care to be delivered more efficiently and effectively, which is good news for all of us.  We work with the public sector, charities and not for profit organisations including local authorities, national government departments as well as Universities and the NHS.  All of which are pretty special organisations.
"So let’s talk culture. Well, it’s difficult isn’t it?  How do you explain in words something that you feel but can’t touch? The culture of an organisation is its personality, its inner voice and at the heart of the business.  
"At Arcus, our personality is tenacious, curious, ingenious and determined. This means that our culture is one that fosters and encourages freedom, creativity and independence.  The number one message to all staff is to use your judgement, so everyone is encouraged to behave as a ‘grown up’ and take decisions.  This way of working is enabled by a ‘no blame’ culture which focuses on learning from mistakes rather than by totally eliminating them. Having a clear and strong culture helps us to find and appoint the right people who are going to thrive and flourish at Arcus Global which is fundamental as the business enters its next stage of development."

Arcus Global is an innovative Cambridge start-up working to bring Cloud Computing technologies and solutions to the UK Public Sector.

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