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Pincer ligands and pincer compounds are a rapidly growing field in chemistry. A pincer complex is formed when a suitable tridentate ligand binds to a metal centre so that all three coordination sites are arranged in an approximate planar geometry.

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This leads to a meridional configuration which is different from a piano stool complex. The result is a synergistic binding effect which leads to highly stable complexes.  A vast number of pincer ligands have been described in literature and virtually any possible donor-atom has been employed in these compounds. A selection of over 35 pincer compounds from countless variations which are available from Strem Chemicals UK.

Many of these types of compounds were developed by David Milstein. Strem currently offers five of these compounds.  Milstein’s compounds are distinguished due to the non-innocent behaviour of the ligands.  The dearomatization / aromatization processes of the ligand, in conjunction with the  metal center, leads to useful catalytic reactions.

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