Finish the sentence? Argon sponsors Hack Cambridge 2017


Over the weekend of 28-29 January, Argon - one of the sponsors of Hack Cambridge 2017 - will work with teams to create some exciting examples of machine learning.

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Argon writes:

For Hack Cambridge 2017 we’re putting forward the theme of using machine learning to create an audio sentence finisher. We'll bring along some Amazon Echo Dots to provide the voice I/O and our engineers will be pitching in to help teams who want to explore and create some interesting examples in this area.

The idea is that you can say half a sentence and allow the “Sentence Finisher” to predict and say the rest. Perhaps in the style of Trump, finish the sentence "I've never told anyone that I..." Or maybe it could be trained on the spoken contributions of Theresa May and finally tell us what Brexit means…

As an example, we made a simple skill called King James that completed sentences in the style of the King James Bible. You can see a demo at

We’ll be bringing the Echo Dots and some experience of machine learning and we're looking forward to helping some young hackers make something truly exciting.



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