The world of work in 2018: an opportunity for change?


2017 has been a year full of change - from Brexit to significant leadership shifts and the resultant ever-fluctuating job market. With change comes opportunity - but what does that mean for the world of work in the year ahead?

Katherine Wiid of Career Ambitions writes:

The way we work needs to change. Employers need to open their minds to new ways of working! There is greater demand than ever before for flexible hours, freelancing, job sharing and more – so how can employers embrace this and still attract and hire top talent?

Recent research conducted by YouGov for the Young Women’s Trust found that one in seven employers admit to being less likely to hire a woman who they thought might have children. It’s important to point out that such bias is actually illegal when considered in hiring decisions! A quarter of the 800 HR decision makers surveyed also admitted to letting children or pregnancy affect decisions concerning career progression or promotion (also illegal).

It may be the 21st Century, but it’s evident that many of us are getting left behind! We still have gender pay disparities, workplace sexism and employers unable to embrace modern working trends.

In 2018, we need to embrace talent – whatever that takes.  

Introducing Sara Horsfall, of Ginibee, the UK's first B2B platform making Talent Partnerships accessible, accepted and the norm. The words ‘job share’ often conjure up visions of chaos, communication breakdowns and people pulling their hair out… In fact, job shares often just become two part-time roles due to a lack of handovers and continuity. That’s why Ginibee believe that ‘talent partnerships’ is a more accurate term.  

Professionals don’t choose to ‘share a role’, they choose the opportunity and potential of a full-time career at a time in their life when they have other priorities. Be that family, health or other. They are talented professionals who choose to form a partnership, so that together they can deliver more than full-time to their employer, whilst retaining the right work-life balance for themselves. 

What are the benefits of talent partnerships for employers? 

  • Two for the price of one! Two new team members with all the varying skills, experience and expertise they bring with them
  • A full-time presence, delivering continuity to the organisation
  • Higher productivity from employees who are motivated to come to work
  • Higher staff retention rates, lower recruitment costs and staff turnover (30% of employee departures estimated to be due to a lack of work-life balance)
  • Improved team morale and workplace wellbeing
  • Fewer staff absences due to burnout or health issues. 

What are the benefits of talent partnerships for employees? 

  • Improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing due to a better work-life balance
  • Opportunity to work in a challenging, rewarding full-time role rather than an under skilled part-time role with lesser responsibility
  • Continuing career development
  • A talented professional to work alongside of, sharing skills and experience
  • The chance to work the hours you want! 

Ginibee aren’t the only people encouraging organisations to open up their full-time roles to talent partnerships and offer more flexible working options in 2018. 

As European workers shun the UK during Brexit uncertainty, it’s important for employers to appeal to the needs of the country’s workforce. That includes a demand for more flexible working opportunities - that will suit those not able (or willing) to take on a 9-5. Theresa May recently addressed this need for change: 

            “Our motivations for going out to work are deeply personal. It is how we provide for ourselves and our families. It’s how we pay the mortgage or the rent to keep a roof over our heads, how we put food on the table and provide for our old age... That is  the real value of work, and we should never lose sight of it.”

            Theresa May on The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices 

Talent partnerships and flexible working opportunities answer these demands – by allowing employees to choose their hours and improve their work-life balance. Parenthood no longer needs to be a career roadblock.   

Our Christmas message from Career Ambitions to you… 

In 2018, organisations need to open up their doors and roles to talent partnerships - or risk missing out on top talent. 


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