TWI loaned new MIG welding robot by OTC Daihen Europe


TWI in Cambridge has been given the loan of a new robotic arc welding cell by OTC Daihen Europe. The Synchrofeed welding robot system, which TWI now has the opportunity to test and run trials with, provides a new variant of the MIG/MAG welding process.

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While TWI’s engineers will have the chance to familiarise themselves with the equipment, this loan also represents a chance to validate processes using the new Synchrofeed process control.

The robot welding system is already being put to work on projects involving wire arc additive manufacturing and the welding of thin stainless steel sheets.

It is claimed that the Synchrofeed technique allows the working envelope of spatterless welding to be increased from thin sheets to thicker materials, while also offering a higher welding speed, increased deposition efficiency and a dramatically reduced heat input. Meanwhile, the robot’s Welbee processor allows for a precisely controlled short arc using OTC’s Peak-Dip-Transfer (PDT) process.

TWI is the first company in the UK to have access to the robot and OTC hopes that TWI can test it on different projects, while also offering feedback on a variety of applications.



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