Cambridge University student, Emma Young completes successful placement with TWI


Cambridge University student, Emma Young has completed a successful placement at TWI in Cambridge where she worked on a Failure Analysis Atlas.

Just about to enter into her third year at Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall), Emma took up a six week placement with TWI’s Materials, Performance, and Ferrous Alloys section.

During her placement, Emma conducted some work to examine the effects of corrosion on fractured samples in different environments, including salt solution and sour conditions. This work saw her compare the effects of corrosion and cleaning to remove corrosion products on the microscopic surface morphology of various samples under different conditions. She was involved with the preparation, corrosion and cleaning of samples, and carried out detailed examination using a scanning electron microscope.

Emma’s work will be of use to TWI when it comes to assessing failures and interpreting the appearance of corroded fracture surfaces.

Looking forward, Emma is set to specialise in Material Science for her third year at university and is planning to go on to do more study afterwards. While she is considering either an MSc or a PhD, Emma was keen to note that she had learnt a lot while at TWI and said that the experience was a fun one.

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