Adder Technology enables innovations in virtual reality at the 37th Cambridge Film Festival


A partnership with Cambridge-based Adder Technology means that for the first time, Cambridge Film Festival will feature cutting edge virtual reality, showcasing three extraordinary programmes that demonstrate the current capability of immersive technology in the hands of pioneering creatives.

Festival Director Tony Jones says “It’s thrilling to be bringing Virtual Reality to the Cambridge Film Festival for the very first time, and partnering with the great people at Adder Technology is such a wonderful fit.” he continues. “The Festival is proud of it’s history of innovation so cutting edge Virtual Reality in partnership with a cutting edge technology company is perfect.”

The VR content will include a special preview screening of Wonderful You from BDH Immersive. Narrated by Academy Award nominee Samantha Morton, Wonderful You is a virtual reality journey through the strange world of your developing senses; sight, sound, touch, taste & smell. Wonderful You is your story – a journey through your epic first 9 months of life in your mother’s womb. As you grow from a tiny cluster of cells to a fully formed baby, the five senses that will shape your destiny develop and form, connecting you to the world around you. Safe in the womb, you hear music in your dreams, you taste what your mother eats, you see sunlight and colour, your hands grasp what they touch. With original music composed by Timo Baker, Wonderful You is an immersive, mind-blowing experience taking you back to a time and a place all of us have visited, but none of us can remember.

Adder Technology is a great fan of the Cambridge Film Festival so it has been a pleasure to form this partnership, facilitating the first showing of the Virtual Reality (VR) feature.” said Adrian Dickens, founder and Managing Director of Adder Technology. “The technology and media symmetry between CFF and Adder Technology also make it a very apt partnership. Adder’s IP-based KVM solutions enable many broadcast studios around the world and virtual reality has become an increasingly important element of these studios’ productions. We are all really looking forward to experiencing this new addition to the festival!”

Second Date demonstrates what VR is capable of in terms of showcasing the nuances of human relationships and World War 1: Another Perspective uses VR to offer a different perspective on history by blurring the lines between documentary and drama, using theatrical techniques and extensive research to craft experiences that bring a fresh angle to historic events.

The VR programme has been curated by Catherine Allen, founder of Limina Immersive and producer of two of the BBC’s first VR experiences. Catherine is widely regarded as a VR pioneer and thought leader. She is part of the BAFTA VR advisory team, sitting on the education committee, and has judged VR for both Sheffield Doc Fest and Raindance film festivals. Catherine produced one of the BBC’s first VR documentaries, Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, which was described by Broadcast Magazine as ‘genre-defining’. Before VR, Catherine worked at acclaimed educational app publisher, Touch Press; winning a BAFTA on the Disney Animated app, with Disney Interactive. 

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