‘Ask the expert’ welding qualifications webinar series launch proves a success


October 12 saw TWI host a special ‘ask the expert’ webinar on ISO and ASME welding qualifications. Attendees were invited to provide questions ahead of and during the event, which was handled by TWI Consultant Welding Engineer and member of national and international committees on welding qualifications, Marcello Consonni.

The popular webinar provided information on how welding qualifications are normally carried out to national or international standards, such as the ISO 15614 series, ISO 9606 series and Section IX of the ASME B&PV Code.

It is essential that these codes are adhered to so as to ensure welded products meet the desired requirements and properties. Of course, no handbook can replace education, experience, or the use of engineering judgement, and Marcello was on-hand to provide all of these to around 140 attendees.

The free-to-join event was a great success, attended by professionals from companies all around the world who represented numerous industry sectors. There are already plans for more ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars on welding qualifications, with the next one set to be held on 24 January 2018, where Marcello will once-again be available to offer advice and answer your questions. You can find out more and register for the next webinar here.

In the meantime, TWI Industrial Members are welcome to ask advice via the website, and any questions will generally be answered within 24 hours. Non-Members are also free to ask for advice, but TWI’s engineers and experts will usually only offer more general advice to non-Members.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the newly updated ISO 15614 codes and how the updates apply in practice by viewing our dedicated FAQ on the subject. In addition to this, TWI is holding a number of training courses covering the updated welding procedure. The training is ideal for welding engineers, welding coordinators, QA personnel, inspectors, auditors and in general anyone who applies or is planning to apply ISO 15614-1:2017 in their profession, and you can find out more, here.

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