Cambridge CEO to visit 10 Downing Street


Business owner Mark Layzell is due to visit the Prime Minister's small business adviser at 10 Downing Street.

HiTeam CEO, Mark Layzell, is one of a few UK business owners to discuss small business growth in 10 Downing Street this week (15th November). 

Mark has been helping small businesses grow and succeed in the Cambridge area and is willing to share this information in Downing Street to encourage ways the government can support smaller businesses. He hopes to create a platform for digital marketing directed towards smaller businesses as there are over two million businesses without a website, causing them lose out on clients.

Mark will be personally meeting the Prime Minister’s small business advisor, Jimmy McLoughlin, to introduce his business which includes Web Works Well's  new Website Review and SEO Audit Tool which is a free to use service directed towards small business owners, This tool allows businesses to check how their website ranks on Google using a grading system between F- and A+.  Feedback on optimisation and what can be changed to improve a website is delivered in a PDF file to that user upon request.

Mark will also share his thoughts on how the Government can change their approach with assisting business owners into the digital era. 


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